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While preparing for our next holiday. Tc and I were thinking back to our 1st island adventure in Mauritius and some of our travel do’s and don’t s we have learnt thus far. 

A short 4 hour flight from Johannesburg and you find yourself in paradise. 

'‘When God made Paradise, He thought of Mauritius.”

Mauritius is mostly known for their beaches but there’s so much more to see and do other than just sun bathing. 

Speaking of beaches. Mauritius offers a variety of water activities: 

By far the most amazing was the Under Water Sea Walk. You are transported via boat to the middle of the ocean and from there you step down from the water vessel with your breathing harness and headgear into the water to “walk with the fishes”.

You do not require additional apparel or be able to swim like Michael Phelps to enjoy this activity. Unfortunately for us, the tour operator who hosted this excursion did not accept credit cards and without an an ATM close by we unfortunately couldn’t purchase our video - we now know to always carry cash. 

If you fancy something above the water, you can always try paddle boarding just as Tc did. 

Valuable lesson: Tc slipped off his board and stepped on some coral so we had to spend most of our day at a nearby clinic. 

What we learned from this incident: 

  1. Always wear aqua shoes, you can purchase aqua shoes at Mr Price Sport or Sportmans Warehouse.

  2. Always purchase Travel Insurance!

  3. The automatic insurance your credit card offers is usually not sufficient, read the fine print because the excess applicable can ruin your budget when you return home - we recommend the additional Top-Up options.

    A good travel insurance is World Nomads.

Some things to remember and consider when travelling:

  1. Always check the weather.

    Tc and I visited Mauritius in June, even though Mauritius hardly gets cold, it does rain during their Winter Season. We experienced 2 rainy days on our 7 day vacation but we couldn’t complain though because we got to witness the most beautiful rainbows and captured moments in the rain. 

  2. Always wear proper walking shoes and cushioned socks. 

    When on holiday we do more walking than usual and sore feet can be a real pain - excuse the pun.  Fortunately for me, I have Tc to give me a foot rub after a long day of exploring. We would suggest that you invest in good walking shoes with quality socks.

  3. Always pack medication.

    Other countries don’t have the same medical laws and finding something that is available over the counter like back home in a foreign country is sometimes unlikely. 

  4. Learn some phrases or words

    Visiting a foreign country where English isn’t widely spoken requires preparation, learn phrases in the native language such as ‘Good morning’ ‘Good evening’ ‘How are you?’ ‘Thank you’ and ‘How much is this’

    Fortunately English is widely spoken in Mauritius however it was fun practicing the basic level French we knew while on vacation. 

  5. Be adventurous with food and also consider the religion of the country where you are visiting

     Mauritius has the second biggest Hindu community outside of India so don’t expect to find beef on any menu however Mauritius is such a multicultural country that cuisines vary from French to Indian to Chinese. 

We hope you have learnt from our travel experiences.

If you have any lessons, advice and/suggestions from your travels please share them below or on our social media channels.

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