Meletso's top flying tips

Travelling to another country is always exciting but with excitement comes some anxiousness.

Flying for long distances, depending on your destination or flight logistics such as lay overs can take its toll on your body.

Meletso has been asked quite a couple of times recently for our tips for flying and hence this blog post:

Our Top Tips for long distance flights:

  1. Number 1 on our list would be start boosting your immune system about 2 weeks before your flight, being in a confined place with an air con (leave the air con on too so you can regulate airflow and keep those airborne bugs away) for a number of hours leaves you vulnerable to airborne diseases so start taking a Vitamin C supplement and/or an immune booster - our choice is always Biogen Vitamin C and Zinc Plex Immune Booster.

  2. If you are flying for more than 6 hours, try and avoid a full night’s rest the night before because the fatigue will help to get you to sleep on the aeroplane, this also makes the time pass by faster while you are asleep.

  3. Don’t eat on the aeroplane. Yes, I repeat do not eat on the aeroplane!!! Few reasons for this, one, the aeroplane food does’t taste great and thats because your taste buds aren’t working like they would on land, secondly you can’t digest food when you 11000 km’s up in the sky thus messing with your digestive system and it puts your gut out of sync - ever had Jet lag? Its probably caused by your metabolic system working overtime after you land, digesting all the food you ate while you were flying.

  4. On that note do not consume alcohol on the aeroplane. I’ve heard of many people saying it helps them sleep, well actually it does the opposite plus it also dehydrates you.

  5. Hydrate, drink as much water as possible. NB! Always ask for bottled water and never “tap water” while in a flight, the reason for this is as you can imagine, planes are always on the move so the plumbing is usually not well maintained, skip the ice too.

  6. Carry handsanitzer and/or hand wipes with your carry on luggage so you can wipe down everything as soon as you get to your seat, that includes the screen and remote (if there is one). Airplane staff do not have much time to clean before the next flight needs to depart so if a sickly individual sneezed their germs all over the flight prior to landing, there’s a high chance you will also find them there. You have probably seen the viral video of a passenger using his feet on the screen in the aeroplane. Eew! Remember germs and Jesus are everywhere.

  7. My feet swell when I fly so a great tip is to wear compression socks on the flight and never take your shoes off as you might struggle to get them back on - this is caused by the swelling while you are so high up in the sky.

  8. Wear clothing that is breathable, cotton and natural fibers are best because you don’t want to sweat.

  9. Wait till the flight lifts off before you doze off, its really annoying to fall asleep and then your ears need to ‘pop’ so equalise your ear pressure and then get to dreamland.

  10. Stand up and walk around, remember point 7, your body needs to regulate blood flow so try and take a few strolls to keep it pumping.

BONUS: Prepare for missing baggage, not everyone carries a spare set of clothing on their carry-on so if you are a couple travelling ensure that you both have one set of each other’s attire in the other’s luggage (i.e. I keep a set of clothes in Tc’s luggage while he stores a set in mine). This ensures that should, touch wood, a luggage bag not arrive at your destination then you still have some clothing while you claim from your travel insurance or the airline rectifies the error.

Share some of your flying tips with us below.


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