Falling In Love with Florence

The next city we visited on our honeymoon in Italy is our new favourite destination, Florence.

We stayed at Atlantic Palace in Florence, the staff was very friendly and helpful, what’s even better was that the hotel was literally next to the famous Florence market, within walking distance of Santa Maria del Fiore and very close to the train station.


Our 1st day, we arrived in the afternoon and decided to do some shopping at San Lorenzo, leather and food market. I found some really good steals including a tan leather wallet from Massimo Leather which I later got personalised with my new surname for 2 Euro.


The great thing about shopping for leather goods in the market is that you can get leather belts measured and cut to fit you on the spot.

PLEASE NOTE: If leather goods do not say genuine leather (Vera Pelle) it is not real leather!

Goods do not have prices on them and vendors will try and negotiate with you so know exactly how much you willing to spend and make sure you really are getting a good deal – shop around.

After some shopping we decided to get some gelato and do some sight seeing.

Remember that the closer you are to tourist sites the more expensive food and drinks will cost, the delicious gelato’s you see below was €20 – Yup! You can do the math.


We visited the domed cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as Duomo, Italy has about 64 000 churches so be sure to visit at least one should you ever visit.

We also walked to Ponte Vecchio which is also known as the golden bridge and enjoyed the view of the river and the beautiful sunset.

We later had an ‘Appetitivo’, ‘Sundowners’ as we call it back home on the roof top of our sister hotel with beautiful views of Florence.

We dined at Trattoria le Mossacce after our visit to the iconic hometown of Ferrari, Maranello late the next evening.

While Italy is known for their pasta dishes Tc and I were craving some steak!!!

So on our train ride to Florence from Rome, we were seated next to two American siblings who recommended the restaurant below, the best advice they gave us from their previous visits to Italy was “Always try and find a restaurant with the word ‘Trattoria’ in it and the menu should be written in only in Italian then it should be great.”

Meat is sold per 100g in some of the establishments we visited in Italy, following the weighing your selected piece of meat it is then prepared with your favourite side.

Only after receiving your cheque/bill would know how much you would be paying – Italian cuisine during our travel was very simple, for example, our steak was served with just roast potatoes and no sauce but was very juicy.

Florence is a very metropolitan city and we enjoyed being able to have strolls after dinner on the cobble stone streets with many people out and about enjoying the night life.

Florence definitely stole our hearts. We wish to return one day to explore more of the beauty of Tuscany.


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