Test-Drive Series: Peugeot 3000 GT-Line

(2 minute read with Impressions Video)

Disclaimer: this isn’t a traditional blog/review post about cars, this is a series where we visit dealerships as a buyer and document our experience. The aim of these posts is to equip readers with quick glances of the automotive world in a real-life situations including trade-in scenarios.

A family car built many years after what started just as a family business so it only made sense that this family compact SUV was on our Test-Drive series list, as you continue to read on you will understand why the Peugeot 3000 was not only the best-selling SUV in France for the 2018 year but also the European Car of The Year

On test we had the 3000 GT-Line equipped with the 1.6 turbo PureTech engine driven by a 6-speed automatic.

MCave: Test-Drive Series 3000 GT front

This car is incredibly striking and as flamboyant as the French are known to be.

Jam packed with incredible technology from the i-Cockpit Amplified, the layout features what is probably the smallest steering wheel we have ever commandeered, a fully digital instrument panel that can be customized to show basic information, minimum information, map navigation and red dials for Sport Mode.


Peugeot 3000 GT-Line THP Auto

Power: 121kW

Torque: 240Nm

Fuel Cons: 7L/100km (claimed)

Service Plan: 4Yr/60 000km

Warranty: 3Yr/ 100 000km (now 5Yr/100 000km with Peugeot Pride)

Price: R532 900

MCave: Test-Drive Series 3000 GT-Line.jpg

iCockpit Amplify feeds through the infotainment area where one can access the front seats massage modes, fragrance mister (yes, a built-in fragrance mister), Android Auto and CarPlay.

The shortcut buttons found under the 8’’ touchscreen ooze luxury with a distinctive gear selector that may seem daunting at first however by the end of the test drive one was rather well-acquainted.

The wireless charging pad located below the shortcut buttons provided ample space for both Android and an iPhone.

Watch our quick impressions video below:

The leather seats are layered in a plush honey comb design and the driver seat is fully electronic with the much-appreciated memory function and extendable lumbar support for those with longer legs.

Rear seat passengers should have sufficient leg room except with the exception of the centre passenger (should you have one) due to the protruding rear air vents however in cases that there isn’t a passenger situated in the middle, rear commuters are easily able to access the trunk through the middle seat console.

MCave: Test-Drive Series Peugeot 3000 GT-Line interior

The drive was smooth as expected and the massage seats with the fragrance blowing through the vents made it ideal following a long week in the office. The Sport Button found near the gear lever turned this 1.6 engine into quite a spirited experience, albeit not a sportscar, it is in our opinion adequate for those road trip moments that require overtaking plus it includes paddle shifters.

Parking assistance includes a surround view camera in addition to a rearview camera.

MCave: Test-Drive Series Peugeot 3000 GT-Line infotainment

What we love:

  1. i-Cockpit Amplified

  2. Massage Seats

  3. Incredible amount of standard extras i.e. Wireless Charging, In-Car fragrance module

What we don’t like:

  1. No automised trunk opening or closing for convenience

  2. No sunroof (available on higher variant)

  3. No audible exhaust note in Sport mode

MCave: Test-Drive Series Peugeot 3000 GT-Line boot trunk

What about Trade-in?

Peugeot offers great trade-in assistance and we were offered a full trade-in without any shortfall.

The only selectable option being the color at an additional R8400 

The total quote amounted to R549 880 including delivery fees etc. which a good negotiator can probably waive.

If you are interested in the 3000 GT-Line follow the link for a test-drive: https://www.peugeot.co.za/range/i-want-to/request-a-test-drive.html

Have you driven a new Peugeot recently, what’s your thoughts? Comment below or through our social media channels.


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