Game Review: Need For Speed (NFS) Heat

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25 years into Need For Speed and we have the 24th instalment from the household known videogame.

Two years after the fast-paced Need For Speed Payback and four years after the online-only Need For Speed, EA and Ghost Games have developed another adrenaline pumping edition to the franchise many will spend countless hours on.

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshoot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshoot

The game has a cinematic start-up with a quick installation as opposed to some 3 hour cough cough, setups that require separate data discs.  The welcome screen also serves as a new ‘Lobby’ that leads you to the different game modes Online, Story and Settings – you even get to choose your difficulty setting that you can change at any time during the game too.

So what’s the story this time? You’re a new driver in town blah blah and there’s an arch nemesis etc etc? Nope, the story actually begins with an annual event in the fictional Palm City that has legalized day-time controlled street racing however where there’s fast cars and moonlight there will be some thumping night time rev-matching. 

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Your enemy this time sounds similar to 2013s Rivals, a law enforcing Lieutenant named Frank Mercer who is hell bent on changing delinquent ways of street racers, the game blasts off the line with a race at the helm of a crew leader driving the poster car, the hybrid Volvo Polestar 1 followed by an intense cop chase that ends drastically…. 

SIDE NOTE: We haven’t completed the main campaign so please stay tuned for updates OR grab a copy and join us while we uncover this story.

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

You come in as a freshman out of town buuuuut not looking for any trouble or vendettas like Most Wanted or Payback, you’re just out seeking some racing action.


Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

An awesome new addition to the game definitely has to be the ability to pick your character, there’s 12 options from geeky, to sexy, to cool, to different no matter who you pick you can also stylize your character from hairstyle to sneakers and what’s more is that you can change your chosen character at any point in the game. 

Three cars available for free to jumpstart you each with its own focused race style, as with 2017’s Payback 3 race modes exist:

  • Race

  • Drift

  • Off-road

  • Drag (hopefully) – like I said not there yet.

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

The map is huge, with side activities to keep you busy such as:

  • Finding Street Art (similar to Casino chips in Payback)

  • Destroying Billboards

  • Ramp Jumps

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

The fuel station (repair) centres make their return however during a cop chase you can only repair your car THREE times so use these wisely – I almost got busted early on racking up a mayhem filled Three Star Level with my first car, all I’m saying is, if you think it’s going to be easy getting rid of the cops this time around then THINK AGAIN!

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Customizations went from Hero to SUPER HERO because it just keeps getting better, not only can one upgrade your car’s engine you can completely change it too! Once again, you have auxillary upgrades like Killswitch to jam police cars and the much-appreciated community wrap downloads so you can revive legends like Most Wanted’s legendary E46 M3.

My current pitfall though is the Day or Night setting, unfortunately due to the antagonist’s feelings towards illegal street racing there’s legal races hosted during the day and illegal contests for rep at night.  Now as much as one is grateful for new add-ons it would’ve been better to be at a rolling instance – you can only partake in illegal racing at night and vice versa for legal racing so this means you need to get back to your garage and choose the time of day bleh!

In addition, certain game world elements shouldn’t be destroyable as they are, things like building pillars and massive light poles wouldn’t exactly be damaged if they were hit in real-life but hey thats just small pet peeves.

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

Playstation 4 In-Game Screenshot

AND there’s still more, with NFS Heat, the franchise has developed a companion app named NFS Studio where you can pre-customise any of the available cars, see new additional cars and enjoy your customisations through the AR tool all this linked via your EA account!

Regardless, this game has been thoroughly enjoyable thus far and I look forward to reaching a game progress higher than my Payback 92% achievement – many hours listening to Migos, French Montana, Burna Boy while nitrous boosting, exhaust flame splitting, sky-high ramp jumping, cop pursuit escapes and winning races lie ahead!

What we love:

  1. Super Customisation Options

  2. SUVs like X6M, Range Rover SVR etc.

  3. Pick Your Character

What we don’t like:

  1. Day or Night Setting

  2. Difficulty Options: prefer games without this so we know its really made to be challenging

  3. Damageable Building Pillars: prefer a more realistic feel

Have you tried the game yet? Did you know EA is offering 10 hour trials on their Access program? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below or on our social channels below.

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