Book Review: Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted

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Meletso was fortunate to receive a digital copy of author Nicky Verd’s new book, Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted.

Being a techie and business enthusiast, I put my current book down to get myself enthralled in this exciting publication by Huffington Post UK contributor Nicky Verd.

Many may believe that the world is now coming to an end with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight, if you’re even old enough to recall movies like Terminator where machines take over.  Well, relax, all these new technologies may be popping up at an alarming rate and your devices are starting to learn your habits i.e. when you leave for work, what is your next probable destination and amount of traffic on various routes etc. however we have definitely not reached Armageddon and in this book you will see how the world has changed, keeps changing and will change but most importantly how you can be advocate and leader during this transformation.

Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted

Fast Fact: Nicky Verd is an absolute human being, a social entrepreneur, a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post and a brand ambassador for Southern Africa Startup Awards

The book begins with a  foreword by Bonang, nope, not Bonang Matheba but Bonang Mohale, Independent Non-Executive Director of Bidvest with former accolades such as CEO of BLSA (Business Leadership South Africa), CEO of Sanlam and Executive Vice President of SAA, that alone got my excitement running because this book is about how we will manage the constant that is: change - I knew that I would not only be reading material based on technology but how I could develop myself into a contributor of this radical change that will be 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence)

The book covered various topics from Automation and its impact to jobs, both elimination and creation by means of mundane tasks handled by machine learning and new jobs created who need to maintain the machines. Cutting edge technologies such as Uber who many may perceive have reached their primary goal of dominating the taxi industry through radical change, the transformation is yet to be completed with their self-driving vehicles which will not require any drivers - this in its own regard, will change the entire face of transportation and how mundane jobs can easily be eliminated thus finally making it possible for the loss-making giant to see constant substantial profits.

The author also ensures that she dives into self-development and how you can create the unwilling but much needed change to bolster your routine based life into a purposeful life in order to reach YOUR WHY.  I resonated with how she emphasised that the world is changed by doers and not those waiting on miracles or institutions such as the government who have to serve many with very little.

The biggest take away from Nicky’s book is how readers will usher in what most successful people deem ‘Idea Brainstorming’: a time out in the day of just thinking of problems and solutions to solve them however now, I am not just thinking of today’s solutions but solutions that will integrate with the technological advances of tomorrow.

Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted

This is definitely an easy read with an abundance of business examples, stories and famous quotes that I foresee many using as captions for their #MotivationMonday posts, it is also raw and authentic, written from someone who has been to the top but also seen rock bottom so it will appeal to the up-and-coming game changers of tomorrow and the executives of today.

Get the book on Amazon or in nationwide bookstores today and begin the DISRUPT YOUR LIFE process!

Want to know more about Nicky Verd, check out her Website or even a post we loved on HuffPost discussing whether ‘You are funding your dreams or your lifestyle?’ Yes, that’s how relentless she is!


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