Meletso recently had the opportunity to meet Simone Musgrave from Musgrave Gin at a gin master class at Pretoria’s very own gin bar Carbon Bistro.

Simone Musgrave started Musgrave Gin after her multiple visits abroad doing trend spotting for her previous employer Woolworths.

Picture taken from Carbon Bistro’s Facebook page.

Picture taken from Carbon Bistro’s Facebook page.

Musgrave Gin was born out of the African explorations of the Musgrave Family at the turn of the 19th Century. Simone informed us that her Grandfather was a missionary and travelled all over Africa and settled in Tanzania before returning to England. The Family’s tale is one of adventure and discovery, embodied in tenacious spirit of patriarch Maurice Boon Musgrave.

Musgrave Gin originating from Cape Town is no ordinary spirit, it is an artisan gin celebrated for its top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of paradise. Musgrave original crafted gin has 11 botanicals and is born out of the flavours and history of African its ancient spice route.

Original Musgrave Gin pairs well with spicy meals, such as butter chicken and jalapeño poppers.

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The Pink Gin draws inspiration from the much-loved flavour of the original Musgrave Gin but is toned down to be gentler and less spicy and to bring out the floral of the reships and infused rosewater.

The creation of the Musgrave Pink Gin flows from the desire to add a distincly feminine touch to the adventure spirit of the original Musgrave.

Beautifully presented, Simone mentioned that the Musgrave team wanted the bottle to look like a perfume bottle.

The beautiful autographed Musgrave Gin which I won at the Meet The Maker Event.

The beautiful autographed Musgrave Gin which I won at the Meet The Maker Event.

The Meet The Maker event started off with pictures and welcome drinks, we had the opportunity to taste the original Musgrave Gin and Musgrave Pink Gin.

Paired with a 3 course dinner, consisting of a tasting board for starters, fillet of steak for mains and a sorbet for dessert.

We also had the opportunity to mix our own cocktails.

We learnt this easy recipe:

  • one tsp strawberry/berry jam

  • crushed ice

  • 2 shots Pink Musgrave gin

  • frozen berries

  • Tonic water

Mix strawberry jam with the two shots with Pink Musgrave Gin then add crushed ice, frozen berries and tonic water. Stir and serve.


Carbon Bistro boosts over 200 local and international gins, including Musgrave Gin, you can head on over to Carbon Bistro for #GinOclock from

Mondays - Saturdays between 3-5pm for half price gin selections.


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