Adrenaline Rush @ MONSTER JAM

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FNB stadium lit up with grins and smiles fuelled by adrenaline from the noise and stunts that fathers and sons experienced together at the first ever Monster Jam in South Africa

Monster Jam is a tv series produced by Feld Entertainment which first aired in 1992 on the global network Fox Sports. 

Together with Showtime Management included in the South African broadcast the corporate duo have been known for productions such as the iconic Disney on Ice!

This is the ultimate monster truck event that features racing, huge donuts and insane stunts!

Now that the intro out of the way, what did we experience?

I went with the fellas and Nicole’s nephews who were OVERLY excited to witness what they only see on TV for themselves.

Rule number one, make sure you hold your little one close, I mean really close because the event is really busy and they can easily be distracted by a stall or a new friend while you are on the phone or grabbing a beer and/or a snack.

Fast Fact: Attendees could even enjoy some time with the drivers and trucks in what is touted as a Pit Party - this allows back stage private event that happens twice on the day providing some up and close moments with the stars of the show - keep this in mind should the show return in 2020!

The show started with all eight Monster Trucks circling the show developed arena which soon after led to some ramp jumps and a spectacular race leaving one of the trucks overturned - it was a really joyful experience with over 60 000 people cheering.

Due to the limited size of the arena, the show included some bike freestylers with two of the four acts from South Africa who showered the fans with extraordinary stunts!


The Monster Trucks made their way back onto the arena after their short break with fan favourites like El Toro Loco and Grave Digger with what was touted as the donut and freestyle session, if there was any adrenaline left from the crowd, this part of the show definitely let it all out!

It was indeed an incredible outing for families and their children alike, especially in this day and age where an increasing number of kids spend most of their time glued to some sort of screen.

Should you have missed this theatrical event, catch a quick round-up of some of our recorded highlights below, if that doesn’t persuade you to join the masses at the next year’s event, we don’t know what will!

If you were there or enjoyed this piece, please share your thoughts and whether the show should return in the comments area below!


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